Embroidery tools

Bita usb linker is an alternative input method in embroidery machines, with Bita usb linker you can load your embroidery design files from your flash disk(without suffering your self with floppy disks and floppy drives) to your embroidery machine. Bita usb linker support various embroidery machines like Tajima(all versions), Barudan(all versions), Brother(all versions) and also other machines that can receive design files from serial port or parallel port.
In below you can see some videos that show to you how it work and how you can send your design files to some embroidery machines.

How work and capabilities
Setting page
Loading design files to embroidery machines with serial port
Loading design files to embroidery machines with parallel port

This device has some benefits in compare with other usb linkers :

- it has 7 inch TFT lcd that let you see your embroidery designs in embedded design viewer before sending it to embroidery machine

- it has 8GB internal memory that you can store your design files in this area.

- it has embedded file explorer that let you manage your designs and folders in environment like windows-explorer.

- it has embedded design viewer that let you open and see your embroidery design files and even make some change in your design, for example you can move start point of your design to center of the design.

You can download user guide of this product from this link.