Embroidery tools

Bita FDU is a floppy emulator for Tajima TFGN embroidery machines(of course for all other machines that use Y-E data usb floppy drive as input method). This device can be installed in your embroidery machine like floppy drives and then you can use usb flash disk as input method instead of floppy disk. You can transfer your design files just like you done before with real floppy drive. In below you can see a video that show how you can transfer a design with this device to your Tajima TFGN machine.

This device has some benefits in compare to other devices:

- you can upgrade your embroidery machine firmware with this device, exactly like you done before with floppy drives.

- you can transfer your design exactly like real floppy drive.

- this device is faster in compare to other devices.

You can download user guide of this product from this link.